A dedicated IP address is a unique numeric identifier on the Internet that is given to a device or a site. Shared web hosting servers usually have a large number of websites under the very same IP, while dedicated ones have their own IPs that are not shared with anybody else. Even if you use a typical shared account, however, you are able to buy a dedicated IP address that will be used only by your sites - one or a few. Because this can add up to the speed of yoursite, it's much more likely that the website will get superior search engine result rankings. Of course, this is not the sole factor, but it can help you find more site visitors and potential clients. The dedicated IP is also necessary if you'd like to encode the information exchanged between the site and its visitors by using an SSL certificate.

Dedicated IP Address in Cloud Hosting

We provide dedicated IP addresses with all of our cloud hosting whatever the data center location and you can obtain one or several IPs using your Hepsia Control Panel. An extra section will appear inside your account and you will be able to request, delete or view your IPs with a couple of clicks. You can decide what number of sites or subdomains will use a given IP as you can assign one with a couple of clicks to every hostname. For example, www.domain.com can be the main website, that uses a server's shared IP, whereas shop.domain.com can be your subdomain where you offer services or goods on the internet and it might have a dedicated IP address in addition to an SSL certificate. You can change the IP that a site uses through the Hosted Domains section where you can also keep track which IPs are in use and which ones are available. You can also set some of your sites to use one and the same dedicated IP provided that there's no SSL activated for it.

Dedicated IP Address in Semi-dedicated Servers

In case you have a semi-dedicated server account, adding a new dedicated IP takes only a couple of clicks. Our Hepsia Control Panel is very easy and intuitive to use, so even if you have not had a web hosting account previously, you will not have any difficulties to acquire and assign a dedicated IP. Each domain or subdomain inside the account can use its own IP address in place of the server's shared one and you will be able to make this change in the Hosted Domains section, where you'll also view all IPs that your websites can use and if a dedicated IP is available or you are already using it. If you wish to have an IP for an SSL certificate, we have an SSL order instrument through which you will be able to select everything to be set up automatically. Using this particular feature, our system will modify the IP of the desired domain/subdomain to a dedicated one and it'll install your certificate in a couple of minutes, so you shall not have to do anything on your end except for authorizing the SSL order through electronic mail.

Dedicated IP Address in VPS Servers

Our VPS servers come with one dedicated IP address by default and in case you select a web hosting Control Panel (DirectAdmin, Hepsia, cPanel) during the registration process, you will get an additional one too completely free. You can use them as you see fit - to access website content, to manage a web app, to install an SSL certificate, or even to register private name servers for any website that you have and use the latter for any other domain that you'd like to host on the server. The billing Control Panel where you are able to take care of all of the plan renewals, upgrades and domain name registrations will enable you to order more dedicated IPs if you need them for any purpose. Just a few minutes later the IPs will be assigned to your Virtual Server and you can use them immediately.

Dedicated IP Address in Dedicated Servers

Due to the fact that you are able to run almost anything on a dedicated server, all of our packages come with 3 dedicated IP addresses included as standard. If you plan to launch some server software or to install an SSL certificate for a website that you host on the machine, you'll be able to use the IPs that we supply without charge. You may also register child name servers with one or two of the IP addresses for any website name that you've registered through us or anywhere else and then use them to direct other domains to the dedicated server. If you run a website hosting company, for instance, the aforementioned option will contribute to your credibility as an independent supplier. When you need more IP addresses than the three our packages come with, you'll be able to get additional ones in increments of three either throughout the registration process or through your billing Control Panel at any time.